Study Edge Coded by Zane Hooper

Study Edge and Tutor Matching Service

I developed's new WordPress website and contributed to the development of Tutor Matching Service's website. I used PHP/WordPress for StudyEdge and Python/Django for Tutor Matching Service. I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and MySQL for both. I created an OpsWorks GitHub project for WordPress that allows an easy implementation of WordPress on Amazon’s AWS servers using S3 for serving static assets, greatly increasing page load speed during server spikes.

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CMANS Developed by Zane Hooper

CMANS Prescription Fraud Management

I created a Precription Fraud Management program for CMANS (Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad), a group of agents from the DEA, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the local police force. This program is used by pharmacists and Law Enforcement Officers to collect data on possible or past criminals to prevent prescription fraud.
For security reasons, the prescription fraud manager is not available to the general public.

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End of Reality Developed by Zane Hooper

End of Reality

I have developed numerous features and websites for End of Reality (AKA EoReality), a game server hosting website. A few of the features I've developed:
  • A tournament/bracket system for a LAN competition
  • Multiple Game Server control panel additions including a Steam updater
  • Two of the previous EoReality designs, and tweaks to the current design
  • An improved search system with cross-domain functionality
  • Multiple cart templates for the client-side cart
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